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Introducing Meddly

Meddly is designed to help artists and event organizers capture, package, and release complete recordings of every event.

Our mission is to make recording events fast, easy, and cost efficient. Create an event, setup cameras, and publish the event so fans can enjoy each performance for years to come.

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App Recording Show
App Recording Show

Everyone has a cell phone.
Put them to use!

Renting camera equipment and hiring a production team is expensive.

Meddly simplifies event recording by empowering teams to use a range of devices, including smartphones, digital cameras, drones, and professional-grade equipment. With many artists owning personal recording devices and virtually everyone having a phone, Meddly makes it effortless to harness the technology in people's pockets for creating high-quality recordings at little to no cost.

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Mix mobile devices and pro video. Create collaborative concerts

Fully automate the entire process of post-production for event videos.

Send attendees home with complete recordings of the show

Sell content to fans who didn't attend the show

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